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Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe Warns West Of Retaliation


HARARE, Aug 26 – President Robert Mugabe said Zimbabwe will not remain passive for ever in the face of aggression by Western countries who maintain illegal sanctions that they imposed on the country.

Western countries led by Britain and America imposed economic sanctions on Zimbabwe in retaliation over the land redistribution program spearheaded by Zanu PF.

robert-mugabe-20060_681854cPresident Mugabe said Westerners should stop harassing the country as it was treating their citizens and companies well.


He said Zimbabwe would soon be forced to retaliate to the harassment and meddling in its internal affairs.

“So they should not continue to harass us. We are treating their people well here. So there will come a time when we also can lose our patience. We have not done anything to their companies here the British have several companies in this country and we have not imposed any controls any sanctions against them but time will come when we will say well tit for tat, you hit me I hit you, you impose this on me I will impose this on u,” he said.

“We have a country to run and we must be left free to run that country we do not run it by receiving ideas from London or Washington. Our ideas come from us here. Our ideas come from our organisations in Africa.”

“And so they should not continue to treat us in the way they have been treating us in the past and I want to assure them that our attitude is not going to continue to be what it was in the past, passive. We have had enough and enough is enough,” he said.

President Mugabe was addressing thousands of people who thronged the National Heroes Acre in the capital to witness the burial of former National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) general manager Air Commodore Mike Karakadzai (Rtd) who died in a car accident last week.

He said the West’s stance on Zimbabwe was premised on the wrong notion that whites were superior to blacks.

“You hear Tony Blair saying that things in Zimbabwe are not well because they think we the blacks are inferior and they are superior but we showed them that if they can do as they please in other countries, in Zimbabwe we will never accept that a white man, merely because he is white, is superior,” he said.

President Mugabe also criticized calls by the MDC-T and its Western allies for security sector reforms in the country.

He said utterances like those were irresponsible and baseless. “Then there is that talk of wanting to do what they called security sector reform, I had never heard of such reforms.

“You see the problem is that with a person without knowledge who acknowledges that they do not have knowledge you can deal with them better. You are better off with an ignorant person who is aware and conscious of his ignorance, who accepts that he is ignorant but if you are ignorant of your ignorance then there is a huge problem,” said President Mugabe.