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Kochadaiyaan to release on Rajinikanth’s B’day?


SEPT 10- The official trailer of superstar Rajinikanth’s latest film Kochadaiyaan was released today on YouTube.

Directed by his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin, the film’s trailer has already gone viral. Here are six things you must know about the movie.

kochadaiyan_new_still_003.w540All in the family


Several web pundits are predicting that father-in-law Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiyaan trailer will be a bigger hit in the virtual world than son-in-law Dhanush’s Kolaveri di.

This is the directorial debut of Soundarya. Elder sister Aishwarya has directed three films with Dhanush in the lead.


Though motion capture animation (mo-cap) movies already have already made in India, what makes Kochadaiyaan unique is the ‘performance capture’ tecnique.

In mo-cap, actors wear special sensors all over their body and shoot the scene in pitch darkness.

Dozens of special cameras capture these movements and the visual data is manipulated according to the director’s whish.

But mo-cap characters lack facial subtleties and the eyes look like zombies. In ‘performance capture’ facial expressions are also captured. So characters are more lifelike.

Also Kochadaiyaan, which was in the making for over three years, is done in photo realistic 3D.

rajinik-bigTriple Rajinikanth

The superstar plays three roles-a father and two sons. The lead character is said to be a bit of a teacher and a spiritual leader.

Rajini, the singer

Though Rajini was initially reluctant, music director A.R Rahman persuaded him to sing for the film.

This is the second time he is singing for a film. His first song was adikkudhu kuliru (it’s chill out there) for the film Mannan (King).

The composer was Ilayaraja. The music will be officially launched in October, probably along with another trailer.

Dance animation

Apart from singing, Rajini’s performance captured self has dance sequences too. Perhaps this will be a first too for an Indian animated movie.

…and finally release date
According to insiders, the film will be released on December 12, the superstar’s birthday

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