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There Is A Future For Gerakan – Chang Ko Yun



Kuala Lumpur, Oct 26 – There is still a future for Gerakan according to the party’s acting president, Datuk Chang Ko Yun.

Chang said this during his speech when officiating both the PGRM National Youth Delegates Conference and the National Women Delegates conference at the party headquarters, here today.


“Gerakan is full of hope, I was worried we had lost some delegates after PRU13 (13th general election) but looking at the number of delegates contesting for posts to lead the party into the new direction, my worries were proven wrong,” he said.

He added the new leaders in Gerakan will have to help change the public perception about government officers.

“Tackle the issues on corruption, education, housing, traffic, security, the civil service which have not been (fully) resolved by the government now,” he added.

According to Chang, the government must change the negative perception and it was Gerakan’s mission to return the rakyat’s trust to the government.

“The young generation are getting impatient, we must find a way to entice them back to our side by helping them solve all problems that are affecting them,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gerakan Youth Chief, Datuk Lim Si Pin said the next generation of Gerakan Youth must strenghten unity among them in order to achieve the party’s mission.

“Apart from improving relationship among ourselves, we must also improve relationship with the media, hold more open dialogues discussing current issues that will affect the future,” he said.

Gerakan Wanita Chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe, who won the party election uncontested last week, said in order to regain the rakyat’s trust and support, BN must address the issue of corruption.

Tan added thatr Gerakan Women accepted the challenge to study the BN weaknesses and make drastic changes for the survival of Gerakan especially during the party election.

About 500 Wanita delegates and 500 Youth delegates attended the one-day conference.

– Bernama