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BlackBerry Announces P’9982 With Porsche Design



Washington, November 21- BlackBerry’s flop smartphones seem to have no end, as the sinking company announced its latest P’9982 with Porsche Design which has again proved unsuccessful to strike a chord with consumers and investors alike.

BlackBerry has apparently taken the current Z10 model, released in May, and redesigned it with high-quality materials and a special BBM PIN that will only be recognizable in the exclusive world of Porche Design smartphone owners.


According to ABC News, despite having genuine leather back and stainless steel accents, reviewers have complained of the OS not being as robust as Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS.

The sinking smartphone company has been struggling in the mobile industry owing to tough competition from rival Apple and Samsung.

The P’9982 will be available starting on Nov. 21 through the Porsche Design online store and exclusively at Harrods in London.