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Anna Hazare Terribly Weak, Doctors Set Up ICU Unit And Ask Him To Take Glucose



Pune, December 16- Seventh day into his fast for the passage of the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill in Parliament, social activist Anna Hazare’s health is deteriorating fast and doctors are now preparing to put him on ventilator if needed.

Hazare is on an ‘anshan’ in Ralegan Siddhi village in Maharashtra.

A doctor treating the 76-year-old said was “terribly weak” having lost 4.3 kilograms in last six days.

“The ketone level in his urine has gone dangerously up to three plus,” said the doctor.

They are now setting up an ICU unit in Hazare’s room.

“We’ve advised him to take some glucose. It’s up to him now,” the doctor said. “As of now he is stable but our teams are monitoring closely and will take adequate measures. An ICU with ventilator and cardiac monitors has been set up.”

Hazare has pledged to break his fast only after the bill is passed.

However, discussion on the bill was delayed in the Rajya Sabha by a day after parliament was adjourned on Monday to mourn the death of union minister Sis Ram Ola on Sunday.