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Rahul’s Elevation May Come Before January 17



New Dehli, Jan 3 – Brainstorming is underway in the Congress over naming party vice-president Rahul Gandhi as its prime ministerial candidate.

Highly-placed sources confirmed to Headlines Today that at a time when there is an attempt by senior Congress leadership to announce Rahul as the party’s PM nominee well before January 17, many in the Congress are of the view that the party should focus on social and economic issues rather than the party vice-president’s elevation as of now.

“Several leaders don’t want the party to repeat the mistake that it has done in Jaipur,” sources said.

Sources told Mail Today that the Indian Women Congress would pilot a resolution to make Rahul as the party prime ministerial candidate on January 17 when the Congress will hold a mini All India Congress Session.

A section of senior leaders, however, feel that Delhi’s session should not focus on Rahul’s coronation as it happened in the Jaipur session. During the Jaipur session, the media was abuzz over the nomination of Rahul as the party’s vice president.

One of the sources confirmed that the Congress leadership is eager to announce Rahul as the prime ministerial candidate before the January 17 session so that the important issues can be highlighted properly.

Insiders in the Congress say that the political and economic resolutions must get due media publicity rather than Rahul becoming the PM candidate so to avoid the repeat of Jaipur session which got dominated by his ascension as the party vice president.

“Rahul will be the face of the Congress and there is no doubt about it. But it has all boiled down to legitimacy and tactic. The Indian Women Congress has decided to pilot the resolution to nominate Rahul as the PM candidate. But the real battle for Rahul will be to keep Congress leaders and workers together,” sources said, adding: “As of now, he has more enemies inside the party than outside. This will be his real challenge.”