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Malaysian Employees Less Satisfied With Advancement Chances, Salary: Survey



Kuala Lumpur, Jan 7 – Malaysian employees are not satisfied with their advancement opportunities and salaries, a survey shows.

The findings by recruitment portal JobsCentral Malaysia showed that the average work happiness score in 2013 was 59.05 per cent, inching down from 60.4 per cent in 2012.

This showed that the average work satisfaction of urban workers in Malaysia was decreasing gradually, JobsCentral said.

The poll questioned 3,508 employed Malaysians to rank factors of working life by perceived importance, and how satisfied they were with each of these factors in their current jobs.

From a scale of one to 10, with one being the least satisfied and 10 the most, respondents only gave an average score of 5.47 for advancement opportunities, making the attribute the least satisfied with.

Salary and autonomy at work also garnered lower scores of 5.77 and 5.87 respectively.

However, employees were most satisfied with their relations with colleagues (7.34), followed by location of work (7.07) and safe working conditions (7.04), the survey found.

“Work happiness is an important factor that influences productivity and innovation. Malaysian employees desire career advancement opportunities and salary.

“However, these factors are ranked at a lower satisfaction level, showing a clear mismatch of expectations and reality,” said Hee Kim Fah, Chief Executive Officer of JobsCentral Malaysia.

He said employers should address the issue to improve work happiness.

– Bernama