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Election Commission notice to Rahul Gandhi for ‘22,000 will be killed if BJP wins’ remark!


rahulNew Delhi, May 10 – Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was on Friday issued notice by the Election Commission for his alleged remarks that if BJP comes to power, 22,000 people will be killed in violence.

The commission has asked him to respond to the notice by May 12 morning, saying if he does not present his case by 11 am on Monday, the poll panel will take further action without further reference. The notice said, “The Commission is, prima facie, of the opinion that by making the…statement you have violated…provisions of the Model Code of Conduct.”

According to the notice, addressing an election rally in Solan, Himachal Pradesh on May 1, Rahul had reportedly said: “People from Japan ask me…they say we are scared over one issue. We will help you, we will prepare roads. But we are scared whether there will be peace…they say whether people of India will fight with each other or not?


“This fear is there in our lives as well. If there is BJP, there will be violence. If there is BJP, 22,000 people will die, because they spread anger…this question was never raised before.”

The BJP had moved the Election Commission against Gandhi for his remarks. It had provided the commission with CD of his speech and newspaper clippings. The EC reminded Gandhi of the provision in the Model Code which states that no party or candidate would indulge in any activity which may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred.

The show cause notice also referred to the provision which refrains parties and candidates making distorted or unverified allegations and limit their criticism to policies and programmes of rival parties.