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Jackie Chan apologises for son’s drug arrest


Jackie Chan and his Son Jaycee Chan Photos (4)

BEIJING, Aug 21- Chinese Kungfu legend Jackie Chan has apologised for his 32-year-old son Jaycee’s drug arrest and taken responsibility for his failing at teaching his son.

“I have failed at teaching my son and have the responsibility for the incident,” he said, adding he would bow deeply to the public on behalf of his The 60-year-old martial art superstar posted the message on his official China’s Twitter-like account on Wednesday evening.


Chan said he was very upset and shocked when he learnt about the incident.”As a public figure, I was ashamed, as a father, I was sad, especially his mother who was heartbroken (over the incident),” he wrote.

“(You have) done something wrong and have to face the music,” Chan said, adding however, as a father, he would face the future together with his son.Jaycee was arrested for marijuana use in Beijing along with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko Chen-Tung, 23, on Aug 14.

Beijing police said in a statement Monday that more than 100 grammes of marijuana were seized from the Chan’s home.