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Lip art: Move over smoky eye and red lips, here’s the latest make-up trend!


1_collage_New Delhi, August 25 – Make-up artist Laura Jenkinson has been trending majorly as she has come up with a series of very special cartoon images in which her lips double up as some of our favourite cartoon characters.

And what’s more, her lips also double up as the lips of the cartoon characters! London based Laura has combined her love for make-up with her evident passion for cartoons and the end results are fascinating for sure!

2_collageLaura uses the unique technique to draw Disney characters on and around her mouth to bring to life iconic cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Alladin, Pluto, Popeye and many more.


story-collagePost the overwhelming response, Laura took to her blog and said that the next time she will do a time lapse of each step so we can see how she creates each character from start to finish.

We are excited for sure!