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Remember these 5 tips while shopping for beauty products online!


makeupstory-650New Delhi, February 9 – While the idea of getting a beauty product at a discounted price might seem attractive, it need not always be the best! Make the most of your online shopping experience by keeping these tips handy.  Ashish Jhalani, founder of eCommerce advisory firm eTailing India, shares a few tips on buying cosmetics online.

Shop only at a trusted online portal: Getting a fake or expired cosmetic items like foundation and lipstick will definitely damage the skin. So, it is best to stick to only known and reliable portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Jabong.

Browse through established brands only: Settle for established brands only. A lipstick from a good brand might be more expensive compared to a fairly unknown one, but it will surely be a good quality product.


Stick to what you have already tried: The chemical composition of a lipstick, moisturiser or blush varies from brand to brand. While ordering these products online, it is best to go with the tried-and-tested ones that you know suits your skin.

Get the right shade: One of the most common reasons why women are wary of buying cosmetics online is picking the right shade of foundation, cream, lipstick or eyeliner that suits your skin.

It is only possible when you use a tester, which is not possible when you shop online. You can first visit a store nearby and try different shades of the product you want to buy. Note down the brand and shade number of the item you like and order it online if you get it at better price.

Reject your order if not sealed: It is of utmost importance to ensure that your cosmetics, when delivered, are sealed. If not, reject your order.