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MAS unions from Sarawak rebuke negative remarks


KUCHING, Aug 27- Two Malaysia Airlines (MAS) unions from Sarawak today rebuked negative remarks from some quarters who blamed the dismal performance of the national carrier on unions’ insensitivity towards the transformation plan introduced by the government.

The Airline Workers Union Sarawak (AWUS) and the Sarawak Executive Staff Committee (SESC) in a joint statement here today lashed out at those uncalled remarks that it regarded as not only baseless, but reflected the naivety and rudeness of a few individuals.

It said the unions had contributed to a number of the management initiatives like supporting cost cutting initiatives, roll-over of collective agreement (CA) negotiations on financial matters, maintaining harmonious workforce, and others.

The statement explained that the various unions represented staff with different trade and background, such as technical crew, engineering and administratives, with its committee members comprising experienced personnel and their loyalty and allegiance to MAS were beyond question.

“The unions reiterated that they are not the cause of MAS’ downfall as unions do not manage or run the airline,” said the statement that was signed by AWUS president Haswandy Morshidi and SESC president Abdul Rahman Hassan here today.

The statement said under this trying times, the government through Khazanah was embarking on massive organisational changes within the airline which involved major management restructuring and trimming of workforce.

“Anticipating massive changes in the months ahead, AWUS and SESC expect the strategic approach taken will ensure the viability of the airline as well as good governance in managing human resource elements,” it said.