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Anwar: Indians not left out of manifesto


Anwar-slider--Feb 26 – Anwar Ibrahim said the Pakatan Rakyat manifesto transcends racial groups as well as various subgroups including the Indian community, which is not neglected.

Giving the examples of schools, the PKR de facto leader said all Chinese and Tamil schools as well as missionary schools would be assisted.

“It is not directed at a particular community. This is an assurance that every citizen – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Dayak – is accorded the respect and given the attention.


“I met leaders of the Indian community last night in Hulu Selangor and generally, they are very receptive as education is a major problem, issues of marginalisation of the community and crime had been raised. However, these issues are addressed in our national thrust in the Pakatan Rakyat policy which is not addressed to the subgroups,” he said.

“This is the manifesto of the rakyat where we address issues of rising prices, commodities, lodging, good governance and support for all types of schools.”

He emphasised this is not a BN manifesto as the Pakatan manifesto transcends racial boundaries.

Anwar had been asked why there were no specific policies addressed to the Indian community in the Pakatan manifesto.