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South Indian actress Vasundhara Kashyap’s intimate photos leaked!


vasundharaNew Delhi, Tamil actress Vasundhara Kashyap was yet another victim of online hackers when her sexy, intimate photos with her boyfriend were leaked online. According to reports, around 8-10 photos were uploaded from her Instagram account which was supposedly hacked.

As soon as the actress had an inkling  of this wrong doing, she immediately deleted the account, but not before the damage was done. Her photos have become viral on internet and the mortified actor says, these photos were posted without her knowledge and she is devastated.

Vasundhara Kashyap, known for her roles in Tamil movies like ‘Peraanmai’ and ‘Then Merkku Paruvakaatru, made her acting debut in ‘Vattaram’, opposite South superstar Arya, in 2006. She was last seen in ‘Chithirayil Nilachuru’ in 2013.


While most people have slammed this disgusting act of defaming a girl, some believe that this might be a publicity stunt as Vasundhara’s career was not going anywhere and she badly needed media glare. So, shall we expect her in the next season of Bigg Boss?