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“Palanivel’s statement is contradictory and full of fallacies” – slams Vel Paari


Kuala Lumpur, January 5 – Vel Paari, a former MIC CWC member has slammed party President Palanivel’s press statement yesterday as contradictory and full of fallacies.

In a statement released to the media Vel Paari pointed out it is wrong for Palani to say that the RoS did not seek any feedback from MIC or that MIC did not have an opportunity to answer the allegations.

S.Vel Paari

“That is wrong and inaccurate as ROS sought and obtained statements from all Election Committee members, former Secretary General (at the time of elections) and also obtained all relevant information from the respective people.  If there was no feedback or knowledge, how is it then, that Palani announced on 2.12.2014 that should ROS direct for re-election MIC will follow. His own statement shows he had full knowledge of ongoing investigation by RoS” said Vel Paari.


There were also various articles both on print, free to air and online media on the ROS visit to MIC and their conduct of investigations, Vel Paari further pointed out.

“By seeking more time the party has submitted to the ROS finding. Either you seek time to comply or challenge it. You cannot do both. Is Palani protecting MIC’s position or merely delaying matters and leaving RoS with no option but de- register the party?” questioned Vel Paari.

g-palanivel_mic-300x198Vel Paari has also raised concerns about the role of lawyers in respect of recent developments in the party. “Who are the lawyers? We need to know who are the lawyers, as they have acted without lawful authority from Congress, and the President needs mandate to appoint these lawyers. If the lawyers were members of the election committee, then since they have given sworn statements to RoS they cannot act for the party now” he said.

“If Mr. Chandra ( a lawyer) who gave his opinion at the 18.12.2014 general meeting is representing MIC, then he is of conflict of interest, since he is now a material witness to a police investigation as the former Secretary General (Prakash Rao) has lodged report on incidents where he (lawyer Chandra) is a material witness” Vel Paari pointed out.

“For appointing lawyers, mandate must be obtained from the CWC. Mandate from the CWC for the period 2013 to 2015 must have been obtained. The CWC for the 2013 to 2016 period is null and void as a result of the 5.12.2014 letter from RoS” Vel Paari noted.

“Dec 18 General meeting’s decisions not carried out”

“Since the CWC is null & void, on 18.12.2014 at the general committee meeting as declared by President, a mandate was given by the general committee to the President to form a committee to find remedy with regards to ROS directive. It will be made up of President, Deputy President, Tan Sri Nijhar together with 5 members from those who lodged a report with ROS and 5 members from the winning team for the 2013 to 2016 term. Furthermore,  another mandate was also given to President and Deputy President to meet ROS to seek further clarification. These decisions made at the general meeting were disclosed to the press on the 18.12.2014 by the president himself. Hence in my opinion it is this committee that should appoint a lawyer or give the president the mandate to appoint a lawyer” Vel Paari commented in his statement.

MIC-Logo“Reading through Palanivel’s  statement one can clearly see he never implemented or followed the decisions made by the general committee meeting held on 18 December. Instead of calling upon the ROS with the Deputy President as per the general committee mandate, he decided to ignore the directive and to address RoS on his own, a mandate which he does not have. In view of these developments, I now seek answers from Palani as to my concerns and urge him to divulge the contents of ROS reply received on New Year eve. The fact that ROS replied on New Year eve despite long vacation festival holidays shows how serious they are in enforcing the law” said the former CWC member who has now been removed as Strategic Director by Palanivel.

“MIC is not Palanivel’s private property. This party has in excess of 600,000 members and represents the Indian community in Government. The members and the community have the right to know the information on ROS letters” Vel Paari reiterated.

“From his statement its clear Palani is in pursuit of a legal confrontation. I put it to Dato Sri Palanivel, that this is not just another civil suit. In this case we, the MIC, which is a member of BN Government and represented by unlawfully appointed lawyers, are taking on a Government Statutory Body, which is also captained by the PM. In his statement Palani gave his assurance that he will not allow the party to be de registered. Well, he also gave assurances that the election was free and fair, was democratically conducted without any foul play but the ROS letter proved him wrong. To make matters worse he himself was the Chairman of Election Committee. The best advice for Palanivel, is for him to give us assurance that he will start to fulfill his own words and promises” concluded Vel Paari.