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No comparison between ‘Pharaoh’ and BN – observers


KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 28- The move by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang(Pic) to equate the Barisan Nasional (BN) aid to the people, with that of a handout by a ‘pharaoh’ (title given to kings of ancient Egypt), has been denounced as highly unbecoming of a religious leader. Several political observers and non-governmmental organisations, when contacted by Bernama, said that unlike a pharaoh, BN did not force the people to support the coalition.

Neither was it arrogant with the success of the various programmes for the well-being of the people, they noted. On the other hand, they were of the view that programmes such as the 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), was based on the sincerity of the BN government to share the wealth of the nation with the people, especially those in the lower income group.

“A pharaoh was rich, arrogant and proud, and thus, the current government cannot be compared with the ancient king. We also do not practise an autocratic administration as the pharaoh had done,” said Associate Prof Dr Mohd Fuad Mat Jali.


Abdul-HadiThe geopolitics lecturer at the Social Science and Humanities Faculty of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia said, Abdul Hadi’s message bore the hallmark of a hidden agenda of forcing Muslims to reject the BN government, as a pharaoh was mentioned in the Quran, as a cruel ruler who forced the Egyptians to idolise him. On Sunday, Abdul Hadi, when addressing an opposition coalition convention in Shah Alam, described the giving of BR1M as similar to the ‘pharaoh’ giving out handouts.

Commenting further, Mohd Fuad said Malaysians were able to think for themselves and not as foolish as painted by the PAS leader. For Malaysian Young Scholars Secretariat (Ilmu) working committee chairman
Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya, the PAS leader’s allegation was an attempt to show the people that only PAS was ‘holier-than-thou’.

“PAS has been handing out all kinds of aids but we did not label him. We also did not threaten the people to vote for Umno or they would not receive BR1M,” he said. Malaysian Government Pensioners Association president Tan Sri Wan Mahmood Pawan Teh said the assistance of the government covered all needy groups, unlike a ‘pharaoh’ who rewarded the people for idolising him, failing which they were issued with the death penalty.

Melaka Fishermen Association president Abdullah Yahaya said BR1M, as well as other assistance, were avenues for the government to share the country’s wealth.

“The prime minister has said many times that the wealth of the nation will be shared equally with the people,” he said. Meanwhile, UNI Global Union-Malaysian Liaison Council (UNI-MLC) president Mohamed Shafie BP Mammal said the distribution of BR1M should not be misinterpreted as a political issue, as those benefiting were the people.

“If it was not the responsibility of the government to help the people, who else would assist? UNI-MLC is confident the people would be able to evaluate the capability of the government in its effort to protect the interest of the people,” he said.