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OnePlus earned revenue of over $300 million in just one year!


03_650New Delhi, February 4 – Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has announced that it earned revenue of over $300 million in the year 2014. The company was founded in December, 2013, which makes it one of the fastest growing smartphone companies.

OnePlus didn’t announce details of the profit, if any. In its Annual Report Card for 2014, OnePlus shared the data from its one year of operations on its official website. The report shows India as one of the key markets for the smartphone company.

OnePlus has sold 7 per cent of all of its devices in Indian market, while it marked sales of 39 per cent and 32 per cent in Europe and East Asia respectively. Interestingly, the company started selling its One smartphone in India only in December 2014.


Since its launch in India, OnePlus faced legal issues as just before the launch of OnePlus One, Micromax obtained legal rights on the Cyanogen operating system which is also used in the One phone.

annual_reportDespite the tough competition from aggressive sellers as Micromax and Xiaomi, OnePlus has gained respectable reputation among the Indian smartphone users.

The inforgraphics show that India has second largest number of company’s forum members, sitting right after USA and ahead of strong markets as Germany and England.

From the recent updates it seems the ‘flagship killer’ is ready to expand its reach. The OnePlus One co-founder Carl Pei recently announced that it will be opening R&D centre in Europe.