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Modi writes for German paper: Development an article of faith for us!


germany-story_650_041315112207 (1)New Delhi, April 13 – After making a strong Make in India pitch on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi topped it with an opinion piece for German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in which he outlined his vision for India’s economy and development.

“For us, development is not a mere political agenda. It is an article of faith,” Modi wrote, adding, “This requires creating jobs, upgrading skills, raising productivity and benchmarking quality with global standards.”

“In May last year, in what was the largest elections in the history of mankind, people of India voted my government into office,” Modi commented on the landslide May 2014 elections which saw the BJP storm to power with unprecedented majority.


‘Focus on inclusive development’:

“Our focus is not merely economic growth but an inclusive development,” Modi wrote. “We are aware that all development must be environmentally sustainable. India has always cherished its environment. This is deeply ingrained in our age-old culture and civilization,” he said.

“Through our Act East & Link West policy, India has the potential of becoming a middle ground for the East and the West as a manufacturing hub. …that serves both our vast domestic market and becomes a base for global exports and general well-being,” Modi said in his op-ed column.

“Generating jobs for India’s youthful population is the key to harnessing India’s demographic advantage. To meet this objective, my government has unveiled the Make In India initiative,” he said.

On Germany:

“International support and collaboration is equally critical to achieving our objectives. My interactions with the leaders of USA, Russia, France, Japan and China have all aimed at creating enduring partnerships,” Modi wrote.

“Germany enjoys a special place in this context. We share a strategic partnership based on our common values,” he said. “India’s development needs can become business opportunities for German industry,” he added.

“My visit to Germany and India’s participation at the Hannover Messe as a partner country is aimed at realizing immense possibilities. We see Germany as our preferred partner in developing skills of young Indians,” he said.

“Rahein Saath, Badhen Saath”:

“There is no other way forward. Mankind’s progress in this century depends on cooperation and collaboration. Conflict is unthinkable. So is poverty which (Mahatma) Gandhi called the worst form of violence,” he said.

“If we can take all Indians together into a better socio-economic future, I believe that the world we share will be a better place for all,” he added. “We have a free media and an independent judiciary that allows all opinions to be aired without fear,” Modi said.

On cleaning Ganga:

“We also want to benefit from Germany’s experience in cleaning the river Ganga,” the Prime Minister wrote.

Make In India:

Beginning his tour of Germany on Sunday, Modi along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel inaugurated the Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair. Modi promised a “predictable, stable and competitive” tax regime as he pitched his pet Make in India plans.

“I want to thank you for allowing us to unleash our lions in this city… the lions are a symbol of new India,” he said, referring to the ‘Make in India’ logo. PM Modi is on a nine-day tour of three countries beginning with France last week. After his two-day visit to Germany, he will leave for Canada on Tuesday.