Home English News “2013 CWC can continue their duties” – declares Palanivel

“2013 CWC can continue their duties” – declares Palanivel


g-palanivel_mic-300x198Kuala Lumpur, May 13 – MIC President Dato Seri G.Palanivel has declared that the Central Working Committee duly elected in 2013 can function and continue with their duties now. Palanivel made this declaration in a sms text message forwarded to the MIC Branch Chairmen yesterday evening.

However, MIC sources following the MIC-ROS legal tussle pointed out that the court only granted an interim injunction against 2009 CWC until 27th May, on which date the court is expected to pronounce the judgement on the application for the Judicial review.

The following is the full text of Palanivel’s text message to the MIC Branch Chairmen:


“The court has granted a stay order. 2013 CWC can continue their duties including conducting CWC meetings. All letters from ROS has been suspended for now till full hearing on 27/5/15″