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BN has rebuilt itself into strong party – Muhyiddin


SEREMBAN, Jan 8 — The Barisan Nasional (BN) has rebuilt itself into a strong party and is well-entrenched to lead transformations and big changes in the people’s lives after going through the ‘political tsunami’ in the 2008 general election, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said with the renewed strength, Malaysians of various races would continue to support and bolster the BN government. “We know that since the BN government helmed the country, we shoulder this trust, we never forget our responsibilities, we carry out development efforts. We had developed the country from a poor economy to an economic powerhouse in the region and to be among the most advanced countries among developing countries,” he said at the 1Malaysia assembly and the launch of the Negeri Sembilan’s blue wave campaign at the Paroi Youth and Sports Complex here today.

He said Malaysia used to be saddled with a dearth of investors before, but
now it had become the darling of investors due to efforts undertaken by the BN government.


“Don’t change the government…”

Speaking in front of thousands of people clad in blue attire, Muhyiddin said
with the current situation, there was no reason for people to fall for the
opposition’s instigation to change the ruling government.

“This is because compared to many other countries, Malaysia is not facing a
crisis or turbulence and many foreigners have come over to enjoy life here.

“There are many countries facing a crisis with some declared bankrupt, but
Malaysia continues to develop and the people benefit from the development
overflows. This is the reality. So, why do you need to change the government? Many of the countries which have changed their government have no jobs for their people and in changing their government, had been a serious crisis and violent conflict.

“But in Malaysia, people are able to gather in a situation of calm. We live in a climate of peace and prosperity, so there’s no reason to change the government.”

Muhyiddin, who is on a one-day visit to Negeri Sembilan, said the BN leadership had always been strongly united and not shaky like the opposition’s.