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“File nominations on December 19! Join back for the sake of party unity” – urges Sunther Subramaniam!


SUNTHERKuala Lumpur – Former MIC Central Working Committee member Sunther Tan Sri S.Subramaniam has urged all MIC branches currently outside the party to return to the fold with dignity by participating in the nominations scheduled on the 19th of December.

“I urge all the branches outside MIC to return back to the party by filing their respective nominations on 19 December. This is the best and final chance for these branches to return to the fold with dignity” Sunther said in a press statement released today.

“I would like to remind these branch chairmen that I too was one among you until few months ago. However I realised much earlier that unity should be the paramount driving principle if we want to achieve progress in the community and party. Having realized that, I returned to the party a few months ago and since then I have found that the party is on its right path to return to its former glory and is gaining substantial support and acceptance from the community under the able leadership of Datuk seri Dr S.Subramanniam” he said.

Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam“I call upon my fellow brothers outside the party that you did a good political fight but now is the time to forge unity in the party by putting aside all our political differences and move on. We cannot afford to continue this internal bickering anymore in view of the GE 14, which is only about 2 years away. We have to prepare for it immediately as we have wasted last few years on our domestic party issues and in court cases” Sunther noted in his statement.

“Come in first and then we can negotiate”

“I am of the opinion this is a golden opportunity for us to forget all what has happened and embrace one another. There is no purpose anymore in revisiting old issues. File nominations and come into the party first. If there are still differences and issues to be settled, we can always solve them amicably through negotiations using the right channels” Sunther urged the branch chairmen who are still undecided about filing their nominations on December 19.

MIC President Dr S.Subramaniam recently announced that the 800-odd branches have been given the final opportunity to return to the party for the sake of unity by filing their nominations on December 19. However, former President Datuk Seri G.Palanivel’s faction claims there are 1,800 branches still outside MIC and declared that they will not participate in the nominations.

Sunther also highlighted the importance of MIC performing well in the forthcoming GE-14 in his statement.

“Only our party’s performance and success in GE 14 will determine our party’s future relevance and existence. On that note I once again urge my fellow brethren branch chairmen to accept the offer and return to the party. Let’s work together for the success of MIC and for the betterment of our community” Sunther pointed out in his statement.