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Monopoly game says hello to rubber ducky, gives boot the boot


Classic board game Monopoly announced a reshuffle of its board Friday, adding a T-Rex dinosaur, rubber ducky and penguin to its game token line-up, as the historic wheelbarrow, thimble and boot were made redundant after an international fan vote.

More than 4.3 million people in 100 countries weighed in during the January 1-30 vote to decide which eight tokens will appear in the investment game’s next editions, game producer Hasbro said.


“The global Monopoly community has spoken,” Hasbro executive Jonathan Berkowitz said in a press release.

The tokens for the next edition of the board game will also include the Scottie dog, top hat, 1930s roadster, and battleship, which have been part of the classic Monopoly for decades, as well as a cat that was added in 2013.

The Scottie dog, introduced into the game in the 1950s, received the most votes from the field of 64 candidates, followed by the T-Rex.

Only 83,000 people voted for the boot, modelled on a 1930s working shoe, while just more than 60,000 people voted for the 1950s wheelbarrow, Hasbro stated.

Monopoly was introduced in 1935 amid the Great Depression, and is today played by more than 1 billion people in 114 countries, according to Hasbro. Players in the game compete to acquire property and turn profits while attempting to bankrupt the competition.