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MIC CWC meeting – Important announcements expected!


subra-dr-mic-selangor-27082017Kuala Lumpur – MIC’s Central Working Committee (CWC) is scheduled to meet today (Tuesday 21 November 2017) at 1.00 pm amidst speculations that there will be some important announcements on several key political issues.

Topping the list is the return of some of the former MIC leaders still remaining outside the party. These leaders led by former CWC member and Batu Division Chairman A.K.Ramalingam, are aligned to former MIC President Datuk Seri G.Palanivel’s faction.

K.Ramalingam MIC Batu

Three leaders of this faction, namely A.K.Ramalingam, Datuk Henry Benedict Asirvatham (former chairman of Penang’s Bagan Division) and Datuk Rajoo (former chairman of Wilayah Persekutuan’s Segambut Division) have filed a legal suit against Registrar of Societies (RoS) and MIC and final appeal of the case is expected to be heard in Federal Court on the 6th of December 2017.

For several weeks, some MIC sources have been speculating that a deal has been struck between party President Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam and A.K.Ramalingam faction and the details are expected to be announced at today’s meeting. It is also believed that an understanding has been reached to withdraw the case.

MIC-Logo-FeatureMIC sources said this was the last chance for the warring faction to return to the party as the dateline for subscription quotas for existing branches and admission of new or defunct branches is nearing. As per MIC Constitution, all the subscription quota payments must be paid by 31st of December this year. Before that date the party headquarters will also finalise the total number of branches in the party as no new branches can be formed or no defunct branches could be revived in 2018, as it is an election year for the party.

The last MIC party elections took place in 2015 and therefore 2018 is the election year for MIC which holds triennial elections.

MIC sources also said, one of the key reasons for the amicable settlement of outstanding issues is the willingness of party President Dr Subra to come down and talk with the opposing group to listen to their grievances and accept some of their demands for the sake of party unity. Dr Subra has always stressed in his speeches that in the face of crucial GE-14 it is paramount for the party to unite putting aside personal differences.

MIC Constitution edited photoMIC sources point out that one of the key reasons for the opposing faction to compromise and return to the party is the passing of amendments to the MIC Constitution which proposes massive structural changes to the party’s election procedures. The MIC branch leaders currently outside the party believe that with the proposed constitutional amendments they would be able to play an effective and meaningful role in the party as the new amendments provide wide powers to the MIC branches empowering the branch leaders to vote in every stage of party elections.

Decision on appeal by Ramanan on his expulsion

Datuk R.Ramanan

The CWC meeting today is also expected to make a final decision on the appeal by former MIC Treasurer General Datuk R.Ramanan against his expulsion. Ramanan was expelled from the party in December 2015 and since then he has appealed to the CWC to be reinstated into the party, but the CWC has not made a decision yet.

His appeal was debated at one of the CWC meetings some months ago but the decision was deferred due to resistance from some CWC members.

A final decision is expected to be made at the CWC meeting today.

Appointment of Senators

mohan-T-senate swearing-16112017 (2)
Datuk T.Mohan was sworn in as a Senator on 16 November 2017

Tamil media have speculated that Dr Subra would announce the new Senators who would be appointed but MIC sources said it has never been the practice of party presidents in the past to announce such appointments as it is the prerogative of the party President.

However, Dr Subra is expected to brief the CWC on the delay in appointing the 3 Senators representing MIC as the Dewan Negara session is scheduled to begin on the 4th of December 2017.

MIC is entitled to appoint 4 Senators and only Datuk T.Mohan was sworn in as a Senator on the 16th of November 2017.