Home English News Supply, distribution of DLP Textbooks to begin in March – MOE

Supply, distribution of DLP Textbooks to begin in March – MOE


PUTRAJAYA — The supply and distribution of Dual Language Programme (DLP) textbooks for all schools offering Form 3 Mathematics and Science subjects will begin in March.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) in a statement today said it was not possible to supply the textbooks at the start of the new school session following some changes to improve the procurement system and to prevent direct negotiations which came into effect in the middle of last year.

To ensure that the teaching and learning (PdP) process was not affected, the MOE had taken temporary alternative measures, he said.


“In fact, all schools offering the DLP have been provided with compact discs containing the first four chapters in the text books of the two subjects for use during the PdP process,” it said.

The statement said that the MOE had also provided links on relevant websites – http://bukutekskssm.my and http://sasbadisb.com – to enable teachers and students to download the DLP learning materials.

The MOE also urged all school administrators to disseminate the information to ensure that teachers and students could make optimal use of the materials in the PdP process of the two subjects.