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Autopsies on all 14 bodies of the Batek tribe orang asli completed


KOTA BHARU: Autopsies on all the 14 bodies and skeletons of the Orang Asli from the Batek tribe in Kampung Kuala Koh, Gua Musang had been completed, said Kelantan Police Chief, Datuk Hasanuddin Hassan.

He said the police would now assist the related parties including the Orang Asli Development Department (JAKOA) and the Kelantan Islamic Religion and Malay Customs Department (MAIK) to process the reburial of the Batek tribe Orang Asli involved.

“So far, we do not know when the reburial will be done because in the matter, the role of the police was only to offer assistance.


“To date, the Aring 10 Felda Operations Centre in Gua Musang was still carrying out operations and the Kuala Koh settlement area was still in the red zone until the Malaysian Health Ministry (KKM) informed that the area was safe,” he told reporters after the Aidilfitri Celebration of the Kota Bharu-Islamic City Municipal Council (MPKB-BRI) at the Silver Jubilee Hall, here today.

Hasanuddin said the police operations centre was still operating at the Batek Tribe Orang Asli Settlement but the strength of the force had been reduced.

As of yesterday, 15 deaths of the Batek Tribe Orang Asli had been recorded and the Health Ministry had confirmed that the deaths were caused by measles infection.

The Kelantan Health Department was reported to have said that it would give overall vaccination beginning this week to all residents around Kuala Koh especially the Batek Tribe Orang Asli who were exposed to the measles epidemic.

Its director, Dr Zaini Hussin said the department was gathering data including determining the number of people exposed to the disease as the village was not only settled by the Orang Asli but also the local community.

He said the department would also seek assistance and cooperation of the JAKOA and village headman or Tok Batin for this purpose.