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First phase payment of BSH 2020 starting 2020

PUTRAJAYA — The first phase payments of the Cost of Living Aid (BSH) 2020 for the household category registered in the 2019 BSH database, will be made beginning Jan 20.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng, in a statement here today, said the payments will involve an allocation of RM1 billion and will benefit almost 3.8 million recipients in the category.

“The first phase payments of RM300 for each household will be credited directly to the recipients’ respective bank accounts using the information used for the BSH 2019,” he said.

He said for recipients residing in rural areas and did not have a bank account, a cash payment will be made to them beginning Feb 1.

In a bid to ensure that the BSH 2020 programme would benefit only the deserving and genuinely eligible recipients, Lim said appeal can be submitted from Feb 1 to March 15.

“After the BSH 2020 database is updated, the payments for those whose appeals are successful will be made in the second and third phase payments, while those in the single and person with disabilities (OKU) categories will receive a one-off payment in the second phase,” he said.

During the tabling of the 2020 Budget, the government announced that it will continue implementing the BSH programme to alleviate the burden and ensure the wellbeing of the people, especially those in the B40 group.