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Ex-minister accepts settlement, takes sued blogger as new friend


KUCHING: A defamation suit filed by former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri against a blogger ended amicably at the Kuching High Court today when the latter agreed to make a public apology.

Speaking to reporters after the consent judgment by Judge Supang Lian, Nancy said she had found a new friend in Joseph Tawie, whom she had sued for making defamatory statements on Facebook against her.

“We found each other out of this case. It is good for him to apologise but it is not the apology that I really asked for. It is more of my own dignity because I knew that I did not do anything that was alleged (by Joseph in the statements),” she said.


Meanwhile, Joseph said it did not take him long to decide on apologising to Nancy, who is also the Batang Sadong Member of Parliament, whom he only knew by name and her position before the suit was filed.

“I have regretted what I have done and I really apologised to her, and she humbly accepted my apology and instead of becoming enemies, this case has made us to become friends,” he added.

Joseph, who read out his statement of apology in court, was ordered to pay RM25,000 in damages to Nancy and to publish his written apology in two Sarawak-based English newspapers.