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World Bank gives India US$1 Billion in Coronavirus funding


NEW DELHI: The World Bank has offered India US$1 billion to finance the country’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The funding will enable the Indian government to boost its efforts to control human-to-human infections, including reducing local transmission and containing the epidemic from getting worse, the Washington-based institution said.

“The World Bank is working in close partnership with the Government of India to provide urgent and flexible support to the country as it fights the spread of COVID-19,” said Junaid Ahmad, World Bank country director for India.

“This operation is expected to enhance surveillance capacities, strengthen diagnostic systems, and expand the capacity of laboratories. But, COVID-19 is not only a health challenge. It has deep social and economic implications,” he said in a statement.

India has seen a significant increase in coronavirus cases in recent days.

The number of reported cases rose to 2,567 on Friday and the death toll was 72.