Home English News “Kedah MB has become a liability to PAS” – Ramasamy

“Kedah MB has become a liability to PAS” – Ramasamy


COMMENT BY YB PROF DR P.RAMASAMY,                                            DEPUTY CHIEF MINISTER II, PENANG

Kedah MB Muhammed Sanusi Md Nor is no newcomer to controversies.

After making preposterous comments on MIC and DAP for being drunk on the popularity of toddy, he has criticised online publications such Malaysiakini and the now defunct The Malaysian Insider for spinning stories.

He said reading these publications and Malaysiakini in particular, there will be no end to Malaysians fighting with one another.


During the press meet, he urged Malaysiakini reporters to repent.

I think the idea of making “trillions” from the exploitation of rare earth elements might have contributed to his hallucination.

Whether he admits or not, he has become a liability to PAS.