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Vishwaroopam ban: Madras High Court to decide tomorrow


Visvaroopam-poster-Slider--2Chennai, Jan 28 –  The much awaited result of Kamalhassan’s “Vishwaroopam” saga is still yet to come. The Madras High Court has postponed its order on the release of  Vishwaroopam in Tamil Nadu until Tuesday (29January). The verdict was due to be announced today.

While postponing the verdict, the court had also said that Kamal Hasaan would have to meet government officials and find a way out of the crisis.  Reportedly, the court had added that it was “worried about unity of nation and law and order situation”.

In India, a debate is raging across the nation whether a movie once certified by the censorship board by law could be banned by the state government or the courts.

 Vishwaroopam has been submitted to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFI), as is required before the exhibition of any film in India. Once the CBFI certifies the film as fit for theatrical release,  that should have been the end of that.

However, in the case of Vishwaroopam the state government has stepped in to stop the movie from being screened.

And the High Court Judge is asking for a special screening of the movie before deciding the release of the movie or  to judge the contents of the movie. Why should the judge or the court ask for a special screening?  What happens then to the authority accorded to the Censorship  board?

So, the debate goes on!

The decision of the state government has met the wrath of film fans in Tamil Nadu. Fans of Kamalhassan are fuming that  Chief Minister Jayalalitha had a hand in the decision making process on Vishwaroopam and may have done so out of personal vengeance against Kamal Hassan.

Fans of Rajnikanth has also joined to support Kamal since Rajni himself has made a statement in support of Kamal.