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Are rumours of “Dubai Move” figment of imagination?



Are rumours of “Dubai Move” figment of imagination?

Is there merit in the claim by the government’s propaganda (J-Kom) chief that the opposition is trying to unseat the government of Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. The so-called “Dubai Move”—meeting in Dubai—was apparently planned by the opposition to unseat the government by getting the support of the government MPs.

However, the existence of such move as been dismissed by the opposition leaders.
PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man and Bersatu’s youth chief Wan Ahmad Fahysal Wan Ahmad Kamal dismissed the rumours of the “Dubai Move” as the figment of the imagination of the propagandists to divert the attention of the people from the social and economic issues.


It is also an attempt to “buy” over more opposition members of parliament to support the government. The government is apparently putting in practice of getting the support of the opposition MPs without them resigning from their respective parties.

Recently, five MPs from Bersatu switched their support without the need to resign from their party.

Rumours are that if the government can get more opposition MPs to crossover, the stability of the government at least for one term could be ensured.

Even if the “Dubai Move” has no basis, the fact that the government wants to divert attention of the people from the everyday issues of economy, cost of living, fuel shortage and others might give some credibility to the move to oust the government.

There is no garden tea party, the government wants to prolong its stay at least for one full term at all costs including the use of the MACC to neutralise the opposition.

The opposition with large numbers of MPs especially Malay support think that the present government should go.

Anwar is certainly not the popular as he was before when he first took office. His popularity has plummeted due to growing racial and religious polarisation, lack of essential basic goods and more importantly the promised policy reforms are nowhere to be seen.

Anwar cannot even control Umno leaders in the government. Their attacks against some DAP leaders have been unceasing even for raising some harmless suggestions.
The Madani government to ordinary Malaysians is a government full of fluff but with no stuff.

The opposition despite the support of the Malay majority, are not in position of power at the federal level.

What is so wrong for the opposition to think of destabilising the government in a legitimate way.

The earlier “Sheraton Move” that brought down the government of PH was not something acceptable. Is the enticement of the five Bersatu MPs to the side of the government acceptable? Isn’t this enticement an affront to the anti-hopping law of the county.

Even if the “Dubai Move” is the work of the propagandists of the Madani government, the government must address the basic bread and butter issues faced by ordinary Malaysians.
These cannot be resolved by diverting attention to the possibility of “Dubai Move” or in enticing more opposition MPS to crossover to support the government.

The Madani government might not be innocent as it has been projected by its propagandists. If this is so, why complain and cry about the “Dubai Move”. The fault is not in the stars, but in the way the country is governed by the present government.

There seems to be a direct relationship between the performance of the government and rumours of attempts to bring down it down.