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“Mitra is an insult to Indians” – Ramasamy



Mitra is an insult to Indians

What is the big deal of where the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit ( Mitra) is placed?

Whether Mitra is placed under the national unity ministry ( NUM) or the Prime Minister’s Department (PMD) is not going to alter the insignificance of the socio-economic welfare organisation.


Recently, the decision was made to transfer Mitra from NUM to PWD. Nobody knows why the change was effected apart from the infighting among some PKR Indian leaders for taking charge of the unit. Perhaps there is thinking that if Mitra is placed under the PMD, Prime Anwar Ibrahim would be able to monitor its progress.

The problem with Mitra is not where it should be placed and who should lead the organisation but the gross inadequacy of the financial allocation. The present allocation of RM100 million is peanuts or drop in the ocean for the socio-economic development of the Indian community particularly the B40 category.

Not the whole portion of the fund goes to the needy members of the Indian community, a certain portion is channeled to assist the Indian community in certain parliamentary constituencies.

Giving RM100 million is a biggest insult to the Indian community that has contributed in sweat and tears for the development of the country. RM100 million to Mitra is nowhere when compared to the billions allocated to the Bumiputra community.

The Indian sycophants and appeasers in the PH-BN government are there more eager to please Anwar rather than asking for increased allocations for the community. What is the use of having Indian leaders in the PH-led government who are not fighting for the rights of the Indian community.

They merely interested in being given some bread crumbs to shut their mouths. Thus, the talk of Mitra being moved here and there is of no concern to the discriminated and marginalised Indian community.

We can only take Mitra and the present populist government seriously if Mitra is allocated RM2 billion and headed by independent Indian individuals of high integrity and responsibility.

Is Anwar prepared to consider this amount to the Indian community?

Anyway, he has stopped using his populist slogan of saying “ anak-anak Melayu, China, India dan Kadazan, semua anak saya”.

In the case of Mitra, it is obvious that “anak India, bukan anak saya”.