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Pope Francis Praises Internet, Calls It A ‘Gift From God’


Pope Francis

London, Jan 25- Pope Francis has reportedly said that the internet is a “gift from God”, in a statement for the Catholic Church’s World Communications Day.

The Pope while acknowledging the benefits of internet said that internet created a sense of unity among human family, adding that unprecedented advances in technology and digital media have made it easier to engage with people of different religions.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis also pointed out the drawbacks of using internet and said that the speed of social media does not allow users to engage in self-reflection, Verge reported.

The 77-year-old Pope focused on internet’s ability to resolve religious, economic, or political issues among various groups, through effective communication. Calling it a digital world that is capable of creating an environment rich in humanity, Francis reiterated that the internet is a network not of wires but of people.