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‘Sivarraajh Will Not Apologise To Kayveas’



Petaling Jaya, Feb 15- MIC Youth today reiterated that their chief C Sivarraajh will not apologise to M Kayveas, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) President, for allegedly insulting the latter over his calls for all Tamil schools to be shut down.

The wing’s information chief, K Kesavan insisted that there is no way for Sivarraajh to apologise since the Youth chief’s statement was a reflection of the public’s views.


“There is no room here for apologies to Kayveas or anyone,” Kesavan told FMT. He also challenged PPP for a public debate on Tamil schools’ development.

It was reported yesterday that PPP’s information chief A Chandrakumanan had demanded for Sivarraajh and the Tamil daily, Malaysia Nanban, to apologise to Kayveas within 48 hours for an article that was alleged to have insulted the PPP president.

He added that in the event they failed to do so, both Sivarraajh and Malaysia Nanban will face legal consequences.

Kayveas’ reasoning

Kayveas had come under heavy criticism recently for an alleged Facebook remark he had made, apparently listing five reasons as to why Tamil schools ought to be closed for good.

Among the reasons were: they were breeding criminals and gangsters, have high dropout rate, lacked Tamil teachers, students have poor command of the Malay and English language, and they segregated the community from others; which all contradict the 1Malaysia concept.

Chandrakumanan stressed that the remark on Kayveas’ Facebook was a shared fact originally posted by the Malaysian United Indian Youth Council.

However Kesavan said that as an Indian communityleader, Kayveas should have instead criticised the council for making such a posting and not sharing it with others.

“Sharing a link without any comment can be considered as Kayveas supporting the posting,” he added.

He further recalled an incident that happened 10 years ago in relation to the calls by PPP to close Tamil schools.

“Then Kayveas’ effigy was burnt in Batu Caves, allegedly  for calling the closure of Tamil schools… it is clear that PPP has the interest to close down Tamil schools in this country.”

In defending the youth leader, Kesavan said Sivarraajh did not attack Kayveas on his personal capacity, but rather was fielding questions raised by reporters during a press conference.