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Many still patronise McDonald’s despite Boycott call


KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9- Despite a call by netizens to boycott fast food chain McDonald’s, which they claimed is pro-Israel, many still opted to patronise its McDonald’s. Most of those who did so felt the boycott would not have any effect although many others believe its is already showing results.Checks by Bernama in the city today found that there were still people going McDonald’s.

Private sector worker Ravinya Racheal, 24, when met at the McDonald’s outlet at the KL Sentral station, said the boycott of products connected to Israel needed the cooperation of all parties.“If I stop eating at McDonald’s will the two countries be at peace..I do not mean any harm and I sympathise with what is happening in Gaza, Palestine but the situation should be handled logically,” she said when met at the outlet’s premises here today.

Another private sector employee, Mohammad Hariff, 29, when met at the McDonald’s outlet in the Masjid Jamek area, said he was sad with what has happened in Gaza but the boycott was illogical and would only cause misunderstandings.“A boycott or temporary closure is fine, but to close down the outlets permanently is not logical… fast-food outlets like this provide employment to people,” he said.

However, teacher Muslim Muhmad, 27, felt the boycott would have a big impact on Israel.“It shows that Malaysians are aware of what is happening in Palestine. At the very least Israel will know that we do not agree with the actions of the Zionist regime which is killing innocent civilians in Gaza,” he said.

College student Laila Azhan Ahmad Tajuddin, 27, said the boycott was to protest against the atrocities committed by Israel.“Do not get over emotional like trying to destroy the premises, bringing outside food to eat at McDonald’s and insulting the workers. That is all unnecessary,” she said.