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Green is sweeping aesthetics!


wh3-jewelleryNew Delhi, November 6 – Faberge : This theatrical snake ring, in yellow and white gold and silver, is pavé set with white diamonds, its shimmering scales captured in accents of pink diamonds,moonstones and flashing fire opals.

The enigmatic sea horse brooch is encrusted with sea-coloured gems, alexandrites,green demantoid garnets,paraiba tourmalines, tsavorites, shaded with violet sapphires, yellow and violet diamonds, wrapped in white diamonds.

Cartier’s inspiration in nature finds fine form in a slithering serpent necklace in platinum with yellow diamond eyes,emeralds, briolettecut beads and diamonds.


Gehna Jewellers:
Floral shapes, fun butterflies and majestic elephants define the mood: Elephant bangle is encrusted with diamonds, uncut diamonds and rubies.

A fascinating nature-inspired cascade of colour, the exceptional oval citrine breathes life into the grandeur of the peacock, sprinkled with brilliant marquise and round diamonds, engulfing emerald drops and blue sapphires.

The light and delicate butterfly wings fluttering is the inspiration; the white gold butterflies, with multicolor sapphires and diamonds, are the main element of this collection.They are presented in three different sizes and many amazing colour combinations. Every butterfly can be worn as pendant, brooch or set on a ring.