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“Life-long validity for PIO card holders” – Indian High Commission


xgeopdrtKUALA LUMPUR, November 12 – The validity of the People of Indian Origin (PIO) card has been made life-long, effective Sept 30, 2014 said a statement issued by the Indian High Commission, here Tuesday.

The statement said in addition to other provisions of the PIO card, it has also been decided that if PIO card holders stayed in India for more than 180 days, they do not need to report to the Foreigners’ Registration Office in India.

The existing PIO card holders are requested to present their cards to the High Commission so that these endorsements can be made on the card, free of charge.


The endorsements can be done in due course since the PIO card, in any case, remains valid for life.

The statement also said that these endorsement can also be made at the Indian Immigration Check Posts as well as Foreigners’ Office in India.