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Nokia launches Here Maps for Apple iPhone!


nokia_here_maps_heroNew Delhi, March 13 – Nokia has just launched its Here Maps apps for the Apple iPhone. This will be contrary to the HTML-5 based maps which were earlier released. Here Maps was launched for Android in 2014 as a Samsung exclusive before it was made available to everyone.

Aside from transit, walking, driving directions and turn-by-turn voice guidance which has spoken street names, the app will also come with an offline mode which will allow one to access all the previously mentioned features when offline. This will be a great advantage for those travelling a lot and with limited data plans.

The app will also feature information on public transit, which will be a great boon for those who use public modes of transport. One will have access to maps of more than a 100 countries- such as UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.