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India sends plane to rescue citizens from strife-torn Yemen!


airindia_6New Delhi, March 30 – Air India on Monday sent its first flight for the rescue of its citizens from the strife- torn Yemen. The 180-seater Airbus A320 aircraft took off from Delhi at 7.45 am for Yemen’s capital Sana’a via Muscat. It is likely to return from Yemen this evening.

The flight operations began after India got permission to operate flights from Sana’a for three hours a day. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj yesterday said that India has got the permission from authorities to fly from Sana’a for three hours a day.

Yemen-airstrike-6-resize_0Swaraj tweeted that India was in the process of sending a ship with a capacity of 1,500 passengers. On Saturday, as many as 80 Indians left Sana’a for Djibouti where Indian mission will assist them in returning home.


The ministry has also set up a 24-hour Control Room to monitor the situation in Yemen where all the airports have been shut down. There are about 3,500 Indians, most of whom are nurses, in various provinces of Yemen including Sana’a.

Yemen-airstrike-3-resize_1In Yemen, Shiite militiamen, also known as Huthis, and army units loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh have overrun much of the country and prompted President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi to flee for Saudi Arabia. A Saudi-led coalition of some 10 countries began bombing Yemen on Thursday, saying it was targeting the Houthis and their allies.