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“The system in this country has failed the Indian community” – claims Hindraf


Kuala Lumpur, June 2 – Hindraf leader P.Waythamoorthy has once again lashed out at the government for handling recent incidents related to the Indian community. “I personally belief the Judiciary, Police and the Government is institutionally racist. These are serious accusations. The Judiciary and the Police can take the most drastic action to silence me but they would not be able to silence truth” he said in a statement.

Waythamoorthy“The Kg. Gatco people have lodged hundreds of reports to complain on the Kg Getco police man, Land grab and the oppression of the police, Rela and the government apparatus but the system works in tandem with oppressors to issue remand orders against these ordinary workers. Few days ago a Sjn Major stripped himself in front of ladies and threatened with sexual violence and a lady slapped him. Police reports have been lodged against him but at most he would be transferred to a desk job or probably given promotion and transferred to another district” Waythamoorthy further said.

“A 20 year old youth offender died in prison last week. The AG is conveniently silent. The body is still at the mortuary and an immediate inquest would be the best option to find out the truth and we know what Shashikumar Selvam death would happen. The Judicial system failed to give this youth justice by jailing him to a 10 year sentence for stealing sardines and rice. Soon they will come out with a “clear” picture of how a big criminal gang he belonged to and jailing him was justified. And Malaysians would immediately believe this story and stereotype the Indians are indeed a bunch of thugs” lamented Waythamoorthy.


“The hundreds of police reports against the oppressors in Gatco, and the police report by the grandmother of the youth died in custody would go unnoticed in this so called democratic country. The elites would conveniently ship out their money overseas and find a place to settle overseas. The underclass would continue to suffer in silence and would soon be almost slaves of the state” Waythamoorthy said in his press statement.