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Price: Rs 38,199
Specs: Windows Phone 8; 4.5-inch capacitive touch display; 8 MP autofocus camera; 1.5 GHz dual core processor; 32GB internal storage capacity

It is becoming a habit with Nokia to set the benchmark as far as camera phones are concerned. It did it first with the N8 and then the PureView 808. Both were smartphones that set the bar really high for upcoming camera phones, though they operated on the Symbian platform which did not have many takers. With the launch of Lumia 920 , Nokia has finally got a great imaging device on the Windows Phone platform too. It doesn’t have the 41 megapixel sensor that made the 808 a camera legend, but it uses the PureView technology from the camera with similar optics to give what is the best camera in any flagship phone.



Nokia committed itself to the Windows Phone platform a couple of years back. For now, this is among the few handset that run the latest Windows Phone 8 operating system. Like others of its kind, the homescreen has customisable live tiles that refresh in real time. But what set the 920 apart is the Kid’s Corner where children are confined to using games and selected apps without having access to any sensitive data on the phone. The Internet Explorer 10 on WP8 also appears to be much faster and comes with built-in malware detector for websites. Also, WP8 uses Nokia Maps by default.


Wireless Charging

Pre-embedded apps on smartphones are no longer news, but they are still rare on the Windows Phone platform. The Lumia 920 comes with plenty of pre-installed applications like Cinemagraph, a fun app to create animated areas in a photo. Nokia Care, meanwhile, gives you tips and tricks for the phone. Nokia City lens, Angry Birds Roost, Nokia music and Wallet also caught our attention.


Nokia has yet again proven itself with the gorgeous design of the Lumia 920. Going against the trend of slim devices, the Lumia 920 is a bit heavy to hold. And like the Lumia 900, it has a polycarbonate unibody chassis with a slightly curved display at the corners. The 4.5-inch capacitive touch display is bright and vibrant. The neat back with the camera lens looks beautiful. Complementing the design, the device will be in White and Black as well as bright red and yellow.


The highlight of the Lumia 920 is its 8-megapixel camera with the PureView technology and Carl Zeiss lens. There is also an optical image stabiliser that helps capture good shots even in low-light environments. Most of the images captured from the 8MP shooter were sharp and had low noise levels. A welcome addition is the lens feature built into the Windows Phone camera app. The tool comes handy as it collects apps installed on the phone and use them to take shots. The video quality is as good.


The Lumia 920 runs on a good operating system and has great imaging power too.