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Britain to tighten welfare policies against immigrants


LONDON, March 26- Prime Minister David Cameron(pic) said Britian will raise the bar for foreigners claiming welfare benefits, Xinhua news agency reported. In a cross-government immigration system, the government has set out new measures that will cut access to benefits for non-British nationals after 6 months.


The current Home Office Immigration (European Economic Area – EEA) Regulations allow foreign job seekers the right to reside and claim Job Seekers Allowance and other benefits. In early 2014, the government will create a statutory presumption that after six months, an EEA national can no longer retain their status as a job seeker or retained worker and continue to claim benefits unless they can demonstrate they have actively sought work throughout that period.

The new measures also include tightening policies on council housing, healthcare and immigration.

“Immigration was far too high and badly out of control. Net migration needs to come down radically from hundreds of thousands a year to just tens of thousands,” Cameron said.

“Britain needs to ensure those who do come here are the brightest and the best people we really need with the skills and entrepreneurial talent to create  British jobs and growth that will help us to win in the global race,” he added.