Home English News “Rajnikanth’s empty slogan of spiritualism” – Prof Ramasamy

“Rajnikanth’s empty slogan of spiritualism” – Prof Ramasamy


Ramasamy-penang-deputy-cmGeorge Town – “All talks of spiritualism devoid of caste or religion, political revolution and change are nothing but empty slogans of Rajni who badly wants to come to power in Tamil Nadu,” Penang Deputy Chief Minister II Prof Dr Ramasamy (pic) said slamming the Super Star’s decision to practice ‘spiritual politics’.

“Rajni should not forget apart acting from movies as a hero and champion of the masses, he has not lifted a finger to help Tamils in distress, whether in Karnataka or Sri Lanka. Where was Rajni when Tamils were attacked and driven from their homes in his home state of Karnataka or where was he when Tamils were butchered by the genocidal regime of Sri Lanka” asked Ramasamy.

rajini-politics-announcement-31122017 (4)“While he had made his millions or billions from the hard earned money of Tamils in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere, I wonder whether he has invested in Tamil Nadu. But there are allegations that he has invested in his home state of Karnataka. Rajni’s half-hatched notion of spiritualism is nothing but a cloak to mask the slow but sure entry of BJP into Tamil Nadu politics” Ramasamy said today in his Facebook posting.


“Perhaps Rajni should take some trouble to understand if Congress never made much headway into Tamil Nadu for many decades, I wonder on what basis he thinks that BJP would be his saviour. Dravidian politics might have its limitations, but at the end of the day, it would be difficult or even impossible to wean away Tamils from the Dravidian or Tamil cause. No politician who aspires to be a serious politician in Tamil Nadu despite movie credentials would ever think of not grounding his or he appeals to the Dravidian ideology of Thanthai Periyar, Anna and many others. In this regard, Rajni should not be naive to think that Tamils would be willing to forgo their tradition and political culture to go along with him his “spiritual” path of no return” Ramasamy further noted in his posting.