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Vel Paari welcomes launch of Arul Kanda’s own website


Kuala Lumpur – MIC Treasurer General Datuk Seri Vel Paari, in a press statement released yesterday, welcomed the launch of 1MDB’s Chief Executive Officer Arul Kanda’s own website, to counter allegations against 1MDB.

The text of his press statement follows:

“1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arul Kanda Kandasamy has launched his very own website www.arulkanda.com. The objective of developing and launching the website is to spread accurate information and explain issues related to 1MDB. In fact, Arul Kanda is the first and only Corporate CEO in Malaysia that has his very own website to talk about his company and answer its critics especially when those criticisms and attacks are false and fabricated to tarnish the image of the company.


Looking at the interview Arul Kanda had recently with Malaysia Gazette, it is obvious that this Corporate CEO has successfully achieved what he was tasked to do i.e. to solve the problems and issues facing 1MDB and to turnaround the company. He has passed this test with flying colours. In fact, I also agree that Arul Kanda is a patriotic Malaysian, who had the capability and felt the responsibility, to step up, take on and successfully complete one of the most difficult tasks in corporate Malaysia.

Arul Kanda

Because of his spirit, capability and talent, he managed to counter all the lies and fake news being spread by the opposition parties on 1MDB. In fact, the attacks on 1MDB previously were so toxic bad and damaging that even the international community, domestic share markets and foreign investors started to believe that there were serious problems with the company and the Malaysian economic system in general.

Fortunately, after being appointed as 1MDB CEO, although the attacks on 1MDB became more severe and ruthless, due to Arul Kanda’s leadership, the company (1MDB) managed to answer all its critics with facts and figures excellently. These facts and figures which was presented by 1MDB had rattled the opposition parties until they had to resort to lies to poison the minds of the people. Luckily, again because of 1MDB’s pro-activeness in answering all the criticism thrown at them, people started to stop believing the lies that were being spewed by the opposition parties.

Even now, in the midst of the 14th General Election (GE14), the opposition parties are bankrupt of ideas until they had to recycle the 1MDB issue which was explained to them so many times previously. The opposition parties are still unable to understand and comprehend the success of the 1MDB restructuring program and also how the company managed to resolve all its cash flow and debt issues. Unfortunately for the opposition, their lies on 1MDB now will not work as the people can refer all questions related to 1MDB at Arul Kanda’s website. This effectively had checkmated the opposition parties.

Finally, I take my hats off to Arul Kanda for being a true Malaysian Patriot by staying true to the course. In the end, after all the hard years in restructuring 1MDB, dealing with Government, fending off opposition politicians, assisting in multiple investigations, being accessible to the media and on top of all that, going on lectures around the country today, we can all finally say that the 1MDB issue is a closed chapter in the history of Corporate Malaysia. Thank you Arul Kanda!”