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Shared prosperity vision, policies to make Malaysia great – Mahathir


PUTRAJAYA — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said last night the Shared Prosperity Vision and other government policies are to make Malaysia a prosperous, dignified and independent nation.

In his National Day 2019 message in conjunction with the 62nd anniversary of independence, the prime minister said the government is focusing on the implementation of the Shared Prosperity Vision with the aim of providing a proper standard of living for all Malaysians in the effort to develop the country.

“It is being done with the objective of making Malaysia greater and one of the important economic axes in Asia,” he said, adding that efforts are also being intensified to increase the people’s purchasing power and eliminate the income and wealth gaps between the classes, races and regions.


Dr Mahathir said the vision is to make Malaysia develop in a sustainable manner along with equitable and inclusive economic distribution at every level of the value chain, class, race and geography to create a sense of harmony and stability among the people by 2030.

He also emphasised that the vision and policies will not be successful unless the administrative system upholds and supports these efforts.

The prime minister said corruption is one of the biggest disasters the nation faces and it also involves the civil service.

“To ensure that those who abuse authority and accept bribes do not sabotage government policies, the government has made combating corruption as one of its main objectives,” he said.

In line with this year’s National Day theme of Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih, Dr Mahathir said it is his hope to cleanse the country of corrupt practices that can thwart efforts to bring shared prosperity to all the people.