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Selangor state assembly approves motion to create anti-party hopping law


SHAH ALAM : The Selangor State Assembly today approved a motion urging the Federal Government to enact an anti-party hopping bill.

The motion which was brought by R. Rajiv (pic-PH-Bukit Gasing) is to prevent any Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman (ADUN) from jumping party, and it was unanimously supported by the members of the assembly.

Meanwhile, Selangor State Assembly Speaker Ng Suee Lim said the motion was approved as a call to any elected representative who leave the party to vacate the seat in order to defend the mandate given via the general election.


He explained that the original motion brought by Rajiv was to urge the state government to amend the state constitution so that the seat of an elected representative who jumped the party would be vacated.

“As assemblymen, including me, (there is a possibility) for anyone at all picked in any election at some point to jump from a party, resort to betrayal and so on for certain reasons.

“So, we urge the federal government to draft an anti-party hopping law,” he told reporters at the lobby of the State Assembly here today.

He said the motion would be sent to Parliament within two more weeks to be examined if there is a need for improvements.

Ng said six motions were approved during the sitting from Monday, namely, the Selangor Economic Recovery Plan proposal, poverty eradication, Selangor water resource management, local authority performance appraisal, speeding up the pipe replacement process as well as anti-party jumping.

On the progress of the State Assembly, he said it went smoothly and praised the attitude of the state government and opposition elected representatives who debated professionally.

The State Assembly was postponed today to a date to be determined later.