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“Is Kedah MB Sanusi high on the popularity of drugs?” – questions Ramasamy



Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammed Sanusi Md Nor has accused the MIC vice-president M. Saravanan and me for not reporting the actual facts behind the two Hindu temple demolitions within a spate of few months.

He said while the MIC and the DAP are quick to jump on the matter of temple demolitions, they are, however, silent on the demolition of structures belonging to Malays. He mischievously remarked that the two of us are drunk on the popularity of toddy in inciting religious tensions amongst Indians in the state.

He added that we by merely drinking one bottle of toddy pretend as though we have drunk two bottles.


Sanusi’s use of toddy drinking analogy to describe the actions of the MIC and DAP leaders is not something expected from a menteri besar of a state. The very fact that he could sink to this level tells much about the calibre, quality and competency of the leadership of Sanusi.

While political and ideological differences are expected from leaders, but not comments about opposition leaders getting on drunk and inciting ethnic or religious tensions.

If Indians are associated with toddy drinking than it is not too much for me to say that Sanusi is high on ganja and heroin in going after Hindu places of worship mercilessly.

Getting high on the popularity of toddy is not harmful as getting high on the popularity ganja, kentum or heroin.

My question to Sanusi: are you high on the popularity of ganja or heroin or cocaine?
Is this the reason why Sanusi so extremist in his thinking and action.

Is he suitable to provide the crucial political leadership to the state?

I don’t have to get high on cigarettes or alcohol such as toddy to take up the religious and cultural rights of Indians in the country. I am defending the rights of my community against those like Sanusi who are drunk on racial and religious extremism.

I would like to advise Sanusi not to play with fire by destroying Hindu temples and places of worship in the name of their illegality.

If the Menteri Besar of Perak could be ousted by a vote of confidence, a similar thing might happen in Kedah.