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J & T explains – “J&T Deducts Employee Wages Incident”


Press Release by J & T on Social Media post “J&T Deducts Employee Wages Incident” 

Dear Public and Respective News Media:

The recent viral case which has been circulated on social media regarding “J&T Deducts Employee Wages Incident” that caused the dissatisfaction among employees with violent sorting behaviour, which has attracted the attention and discussion of the public, inside and outside the industry. First of all, we express our deepest apologies to all Malaysians. Everyone’s opinions and suggestions are truly accepted and adopted by the company. In order to ensure the stability of our employees and to give the public a true accountability, we take this opportunity to clarify the truth to the public today.

“Deduction of Employee Wages Incident”:

J&T has been fully committed to localization development, continuously improving employee compensation and benefits, and promoting the development of Malaysia’s social economy and E- commerce industry. We have been committed to building a complete compensation and benefits system to increase employee benefits. J&T has given employees year-end bonuses after comprehensive consideration, in accordance with the bonus rules and regulations, and in accordance with the Malaysian Labour Law, full bonuses are paid to employees who have worked for a year. For employees who have worked for less than a year, bonuses are paid according to the length of working time without prejudice. Unfortunately, certain employees are not clear about the bonus payment scheme which led to violent sorting of packages on February 4th, inciting some employees to make collective disturbances, and posting the videos to social media. Our Perak state management has immediately handled and clarified the incident. On February 5th, the employees had resumed their normal working status and actively sorted and processed the packages of customers. As for the fact that J&T deducts employee wages, we clarify that J&T will not deduct or owe employees a penny of wages, and hereby declare that we are willing to accept the supervision and inspection by the public and institutions.


“Netizens’ Complaints – J&T Employees Stealing Food and Drinks From Packages”:
Due to the rapid increase in package volume during the MCO period, J&T took on more packages from the community during this period, and the company hired more temporary workers and only provided simple training for the temporary workers’ SOP. This is indeed a fault in our management. We have formulated special regulations and management methods for settlement of claims and supervision of similar incidents, and fast settlement of lost packages.

We are grateful to the public for their love and support for J&T. We have always spared no effort to improve our services and internal management. We have made reforms in the shortest possible time for what had happened in the past few days, including staff expansion, vehicle expansion, and management supervision. The management goes to the grassroots for training to ensure the quality working behaviour of all employees.

We once again express our deepest apologies for the shortcomings of our internal management that have caused dissatisfaction and losses from our customers. We will bear all the responsibilities, quickly improve our management and service standards, and provide professional training to our own employees for reliable and efficient express service to the Malaysian users.

Last but not least, we thank the media and the public for their supervision and valuable opinions. We deeply know that front-line employees are the greatest asset and we would like to thank our front-line employees for their continuous efforts to provide delivery services to the public.