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Indians need an independent party rather than PH or PN



Indians need an independent party rather than PH or PN

It is subject to democratic rights for Indians to form a political party or non-governmental organization. It is true that the Indian community is pathetically abandoned in the main stream of national development.

As I mentioned before, building a organization to represent Indians is one thing but providing effective, honest and responsible representation is another thing.

Many political parties were formed in the past, but only one has some relevance. It is the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) considered one of the oldest political parties in the country.

The MIC has some matches, but it is hidden by the many ethnic representation provided by PH, DAP and PKR. However, Indian representation in PH is desirable, but the real demands of the society are immersed in the environment of multi-racism and benefiting the dominant communities.


As seen in the last state elections and by-elections in Johore, PH’s Indian boycott is slowly but surely increasing. The empty shout of many racism shows common and specific demands related to Indian identity questions being ignored.

In the coming elections in the country, more Indians will leave the unity government. Just wait and see they’re going to embrace the alternative PN alliance.

The lack of Indian agenda on PN side is a worry for Indians. The feeling that Indians should be brought into their embrace by a
political party is growing within PN’s leadership positions.

Even though some Indians are identified with PN, membership enrollment has not been implemented directly or indirectly by a political party.

PH Indian supporters feel the need to form an Indian party or a political organization.

Indirectly it is realized that political parties like DAP, PKR, MIC have defeated Indians in the country.

The call to the Indian volunteer charity organizations meeting in Killan on October 6, 2023 is a sign that they are engaging in building a new party.

I understand that the people behind this action have some connections with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. It can be said that there is Anwar’s blessings for this meeting.

Although a new Indian party may form through this meeting, there are no signs that the new party will be independent from the PH alliance.

So, the question is high about the need for effective political representation.

How can the Indian Party still work in the orbit of PH’s ineffective multi-racism that is trying to solve countless problems of Indians.
How can this new party, created to take Indians to greater heights, escape from the burial of PH or its ineffective racist identity?

Indians should attain a certain amount of dignity and self-esteem, initiative should be taken based on freedom.

Only an independent Indian political party can list the needs of Indians in the country. No Indian party can serve the society with close connection with PH or PN.

Indians should decide whether to go with PH or PN. The support is not automatically. Support should be created based on what these alternatives have to offer Indians.

Indians may be small in number, but notable enough for their future wellbeing and wellbeing.