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PAS-DAP Crisis To Be Solved Internally – Abdul Hadi


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Shah Alam, Nov 23 -PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today said that the domestic crisis between PAS and its ally in the opposition pact, DAP, will be solved internally soon.

“We will solve the crisis internally, not through the media. However, we have yet to meet with them (DAP). Insya Allah (God willing) it will be solved,” he told a press conference at the 59th PAS Muktamar (general assembly) here Friday.


He said this in response to the disputes between the two parties after PAS was reported to have been a mere puppet of DAP-led Penang government since the 2008 general election.

Last Tuesday, Penang PAS deputy commissioner Mohd Fauzi Yusof was also reported to have asked DAP to stop interfering in Islamic religious affairs in the state and demanded that more PAS leaders be appointed as state executive councillors.

Commenting further, Abdul Hadi said although PAS only won one state seat in Penang, the Penang government had given major role for PAS to play in the state’s administration.

“I truly appreciate the role entrusted to PAS by our ally in Penang even though we only garnered one state seat. The role is big, it’s up to us how to play it, but of course there are some unsolved issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hadi said PAS would support Kelantan Syariah Court in the implementation of hudud law.

“PAS will support the Kelantan government’s efforts to implement Islamic laws in the state even with the restrictions and interference from the federal government,” he added.

The three-day Muktamar is attended by 1,300 PAS delegates.